Our Commitments:

  1. Innovative Concepts that meet the needs of our customers and provide exceptional value.
  2. Creative Design that provides unique and beautiful buildings, homes, and spaces.
  3. Flawless execution for our customers, providing exceptional finished products – on budget and on time – while maintaining the highest level of customer service.

Our Services

MDi (Marr Development, Inc.) is an expert in commercial and residential construction, design-build, general contracting, roofing, concrete and masonry services, energy-efficient Heating & Cooling, commercial refrigeration, and excavation and site development through our family of companies.

We also provide first-class commercial and residential janitorial and cleaning services and offer premier property management and realtor services.

Design-Build Specialists

MDi has an in-house architect and drafting professionals who can sit down with any client and design your dream home or commercial/multi-family building based on your specifications.  We can work with you on an existing plan or start from scratch to get you exactly what you want.  You may have a plan you found online and need to tweak it a bit to meet your needs, no problem, all that is done right here.  The main advantage to this is the design team and contractor work in unison so your design is seamless which leads to less time during construction and keeps you on budget.

Self-Performing Contracting

Unlike most traditional builders who use subcontractors for each different trade, MDi is an all-inclusive self-performing design-build company.  The designer and contractors are all on the same team, as are all trades.  We do not subcontract to anyone.   This is a vital asset that allows us to control costs and the construction schedule.  We all know time is money and with a confirmed schedule for your project, we’ll get you moved in quickly without sacrificing quality or workmanship.  We use this method to obtain maximum success from start to finish which gets us to our main goal which is customer satisfaction.  Another advantage is; unless you change something, there are essentially no change orders.  Change orders are usually made by subcontractors, it’s their way to make more money, and we do not use them.

Our History

Marr Development was founded in 1989 with the vision of developing and constructing premier residential rental housing in the greater Columbia County area.  Through our foresight and commitment to customer service and satisfaction, we have significantly expanded our operations and services offered.  Marr Development is an innovative company that has been a successful partner of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as a builder of ten V.A. Outpatient Clinics around the United States.  We have also designed and built office space for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Marr Development Family of Companies:

Our Recent Projects:

  1. 1601, 1605 & 1609 Mulberry Street, Berwick PARenovation and construction of 22-rental units
  2. Central Road Office Complex, Bloomsburg, PADesign, Development, and Construction of an 8,000 sf office building.
  3. Columbia County Business Park, Bloomsburg, PAConstruction of 27,000 sf Commercial Office Space
  4. Department of Veterans Affairs Outpatient ClinicsDesign, Development, and Construction of 10 medical clinics in Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, North Carolina & Pennsylvania. Amounting to 300,000 + sf of space.
  5. Duplex Development, Mifflinville, PADesign, Development, and Construction of 22-unit rentals
  6. Duplex Development, Nanticoke, PADesign, Development, and Construction of 22-units
  7. Martzville Summit Condos, Berwick, PADesign, Development, and Construction of 7-duplex Condos
  8. Townhouse Development, Hazleton, PA – Development and Construction of 25-units
  9. Tunkhannock Walmart Plaza, Tunkhannock, PA – Construction of 6,700 sf Retail/Office Space
  10. Village of Mifflinville Subdivision, Mifflinville, PADesign, Development, and Construction of 19-single family homes


Our Leadership Team:

  • Daniel C. Good, CPA, MBA – President
  • Nancy J. Marr, CPA – Founder & President Emerita
  • Timothy Rankin – Vice President of Construction Service
  • Chelsea Rockey – Chief of Staff

Design Team:

  • Susan McGarry – Architect

Estimation & Project Management:

  • Brian Fatzinger – Estimating Manager
  • Justin Sheaffer – Estimator
  • Jessica Star – Construction Coordinator
  • M. Steinruck – Construction Coordinator Assistant
  • Susanna Zettle – HVAC Coordinator

Office Staff:

  • Dominic Parmenteri – Controller
  • A. Augustine – Director of Business Development
  • A. MacFarland– Director of Marketing
  • Dominic Alunni – Social Media Manager
  • Shawn Sulouff – Cleaning Manager
  • Susan Swisher – Client Engagement & Leasing Supervisor

Field Supervisors

  • Tyler Carstetter – Roofing Supervisor
  • Michael Collins – Flooring Supervisor
  • Byron Eyer – Excavation Supervisor
  • Justin Glatt – Renovations Supervisor
  • Charles Gordner – Painting Supervisor
  • Keith Heckman – Excavation Supervisor
  • Zach Heckman – Excavation & Site Development Superintendent
  • Shawn Hoffman – Siding Supervisor
  • Bradley Keefer – Electrical Supervisor
  • Brian Kulp – Finish Supervisor
  • Cooper Mowery – Concrete Supervisor
  • Daniel Wersinger – Framing Supervisor
  • David Hiller – HVAC Manager
  • Jeremy Lorenz – Drywall Supervisor
  • Kirby Quick – Director of Commercial Construction
  • Kyle Briggs – Framing Supervisor
  • Ronald Morris – Director of Residential Construction
  • Roger Hosler – Excavation Supervisor
  • Seth Jones – Maintenance Supervisor
  • Tyler Weaver – MEP Supervisor
  • Levi Zehring – Framing Supervisor

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